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Hide details for  9.0.1 9.0.1
APAR9ABAQ5 Copying an Applink/doclink from the Notes Browser Plugin containing multibyte characters is not pasted in iNotes due to conversion in Native format....
APAR99FE92If user setup skips over the server configuration screen while configuring user at setup time, the iNotes icon on Notes Browser Plugin noes not...
ADEE972JCJFixes a crash of the Notes Browser Plugin at startup, first time after install.
APAR98GF3QThis fix allows user to specify a server where the help file exists so that users of the Notes Browser Plug-in can use F1 to display help. This is...
RPAL96UMQLUser can now specifcy which brower to use as their perferred browser to run the Notes Browser Plugin by setting the new notes.ini: ...
NNAI9863JMFixed the issue where on non-english systems, after installing the Notes Browser Plug-in, the desktop shortcut sometimes does not...
PALT97BH4DFixed Notesuiworkspace Picklistcollection to allow opening the mail database inside the piclist dialog.
RPAL97YM43If the default browser is not on the supported list for the Notes Browser Plugin, Internet Explorere with be used as the browser to open the Browser...
SAIA9A5CWMIf the user enabled Pop-up blocker on Win 8 + IE 10 and then launches Notes Browser Plugin (NBP), then the user won't be presented with the alert...
BJGY98FLYM This fix allows users using French/Belgian keyboard layout to type '@' char using Right Alt + 2.
This fix also addresses other combinations such as...
CPAP99NJDTFixed @isnotesbrowserplugin to return proper value when used in an Evaluate statement in a script when used inside Notes Browser...
MNAA99R937Fixes an intermittent Notes Browser Plugin crash when the Notes Broswer Plugin is started.
HOKO98DPS6Fixes issue where the installer disables popup blocker for the current user but other users on the same system will continue to have problem running...
JCHY9748XVIf the Notes Browser Plugin is disabled in the Firefox browser, user will now get a notification message "Unable to launch IBM Notes Browser Plug-in...
PRJI94T97Q Some Notes / Domino applications have option to Forward a particular document link as an URL (Forward As URL). This option comes through the Lotus...
Hide details for Notes Install for Outlook ConnectorNotes Install for Outlook Connector
Hide details for  6.0.4 6.0.4
SJCN5WXLZQCould not launch Setup. This regression was introduced in 6.5.1.
Hide details for OtherOther
Hide details for 14.014.0
PDARCRRCU3Fixed an issue where keywords were not showing in blue nor red color when creating a new Agent after enabling the Notes.ini DoubleAsPtrForClient. ...
TSAOCTDBMMProgrammability - LotusScript - Fixed an issue where era in the Japanese Calendar was not printed with DBCS characters when a LotusScript agent ran...
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THIOC9VBYNTemplates - mail12.ntf - Japanese - Fixed an issue in the Japanese mail template where option "Mark parent note on reply or forward" was being...
MOBNCGWPWMServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where GTR error 223 would cause occasionally corruption rebuild of FT indexes
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MAVABWBK4YClient - Fixed an issue where trying to open a databases on a Linux Domino server using the File -> Open Application dialog, a path containing double...
Hide details for 11.0.1 FP711.0.1 FP7
MOBNCGWPWMServer - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where GTR error 223 would cause occasionally corruption rebuild of FT indexes


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